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Assessing Emotional and Functional Values of Automobile Features

Project Summary

Bold Insight was asked by a major automotive manufacturer to understand what functional and emotional values were tied to various features on and within automobiles. Through contextual research sessions - that is, conducting research sessions in individuals' cars - we established which functional and emotional values local participants tied to features the client was interested in exploring, such as the car's entertainment system, hatchback or trunk, and rear seats.


Using results from this research I worked with my colleagues to generate actionable insights for the client to use when determining features for an upcoming automotive fleet currently in production. Findings from this research were compiled along with those from other studies globally to provide the client with a differentiated understanding of their target market. Throughout the research process, our team collaborated with global partners to ensure the studies were conducted in such a way that their results were comparable.

Roles I played

  • Conducted contextual research sessions in and around participant cars

  • Created value ladders to visualize how participants connected features to their emotional and functional benefits

  • Synthesized trends from research sessions

  • Generated actionable insights surrounding Chicagoland participants emotional values of auto features 

  • Delivered strategic recommendations regarding auto features for an upcoming fleet of vehicles

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