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to drive business and improve lives.

I'm a problem solver who specializes distilling abstract spaces and unknown needs into meaningful, actionable insights and strategies.

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I'm a curious, driven design strategist and service designer with a master's degree in Design Innovation from Northwestern University's Engineering Design Innovation program (MS-EDI) and 5 years of experience in design strategy, innovation strategy, and service design.

I'm interested in creating thoughtfully designed services and strategies for businesses, teams, and organizations of all sizes. 

I thrive in complex problem environments and enjoy thinking about all the different angles from which a problem can be addressed, explored, and tackled. I'm not afraid to give out-there ideas to generate "what ifs," and see business constraints as tools to help the team think more flexibly and with more creativity.

Outside of work, I love getting out into nature to camp, hike, snowboard, and explore with my dog. I'm an avid board-gamer, do pottery, and would gladly spend my entire weekend cooking and baking!


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