Helping Commissioners Serve Their Constituents

Internship at the US Department of Health and Human Services

What if we could help state commissioners serve their constituents more effectively?

Breaking out of the status quo is difficult, especially when your funding and job security depend on success. As a result, commissioners of health and human services departments across the US are reluctant to take risks in developing new programs and services for their state. 


Our team within HHS's Office of Business Management and Transformation worked with a ReImagine HHS committee to develop a new office designed to support state commissioners. We delivered a strategic plan to the detailing key activities for the office to execute, specific activities and messaging to avoid in the interest of maintaining users' trust, and personnel qualifications and character recommendations. The strategy focused on integrating programs, measuring outcomes, promoting collaboration, and providing commissioners with tools to innovate within their state without fear of repercussions.

Roles I Played

  • Developed discussion guides

  • Conducted user interviews

  • Created and tested prototypes

  • Generated actionable insights

  • Informally presented insights and research to client prior to the strategic blueprint's development