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With industry partner Procter and Gamble

What if the NICU could be less stressful for babies, parents and nurses?

My group of three other MS-EDI students and I worked with Procter and Gamble during our Human Centered Product Design Studio course to understand user needs and tensions within the NICU.


Our group developed a single-touchpoint solution to address the medical needs of NICU babies, the practical and professional needs of their NICU nurses, and the emotional needs of their families. Due legal and participant availability constraints, we had to be flexible in our research planning and prototype testing. Throughout this experience, my group and I dealt with some difficult group-dynamics and, as a result, I grew significantly as a team member, leader, and researcher. 


Procter and Gamble may choose to pursue intellectual property rights to the design; the project will be under NDA until 2022.

IMG_8349 copy.jpg

Roles I Played

  • Created discussion guides

  • Conducted contextual interviews and observations

  • Designed prototype testing protocols

  • Created frameworks to visualize research findings

  • Generated actionable insights

  • Formally presented insights and design to clients

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